Red Sox, Rain and the between

Finally…after all the years of hoping and waiting I arrive in the glorious city of Boston. Yes I was all decked out in my Red Sox memorabilia and walking down the streets of Boston I felt like a kid in a candy shop.

I recommend visting Boston for anyone…its a city that wins in all its sports…sorry Bruins you just don’t count, its also got a majesty to its own. Great seafood and amazing history and for you that like to shop…yes lots of ways to spend that green stuff.

Now onto the good stuff…THE RED SOX GAME. So while I begin the trek down to Fenway a downpoor of Tsunamic proportions begins letting loose. I’m thinking to myself…oh great rain…now the games gonna be cancelled…(uh Deja vu anyone)After about 15 minutes of egg shaped drops of rain and flooding streets it stops and I’m able to recomence.

I arrive 3 hours before game time just to see batting practice. Well just my luck it was cancelled because of the rain. Oh well…picture time yo. Snap some pics…shoot the shit with a couple Red Sox fans, eat a Fenway Frank and…wait a second is that Bill Cosby? Well sneeble fucking bleeble guess he’s throwing out the first pitch…yest I’m able to snap a picture of the guy. He’s also wearing sweatpants…living the dream buddy…living the dream

Cosby you salty bitch
Cosby you salty bitch







The game started out amazing…Fenway is fucking amazing…the best ballpark I’ve ever been to. The Red Sox fans absolutely superb…after Ortiz hit a three run homer against the Rangers the stadium just erupted into absolute chaos. High fives and hugs for and from people I don’t even know all over the place. The game ended quickly as the Sox spanked the Rangers 10-zip. Dice-K was solid and seeing Ortiz blast one…ya pretty sweet.

Day one wrapped up smoothly and day two started out just as well. Sunny day and not too many clouds in the sky…well holy shit santa claus did that change. Ya I did alot within the city, but all that matters was the Red Sox game was cancelled.

Still… sitting in the magical Fenway park in the rain beside thousands of other fans seems like an experience in its own. Got to boo a Yankees fan as he walked by…always love that, but when the scoreboard posted the cancellation of the game…ya not that pretty

Yippee no Doc, no game
Yippee no Doc, no game

O well, even though I had some of the best seats in Fenway, there will always be a next time… 3 games cancelled all season and I get to be at that one.


All in all the trip has been superb…now I’m by the ocean at this little place outside of Halifax. Need the time to relax before my “REAL” trip starts.


3 Responses to “Red Sox, Rain and the between”

  1. Great blog… glad that you got to see at least one game… and… I’ve never heard a guy use the work magical before… so your my first… lol.

    Have a great holiday… and keep up the fun stuff.

  2. hey buddy hope the trip is going dece. thats shity about how the yanks game was a rain delay.

  3. Bobby Vanilla in da house baby!!! What pics, cool shit…don’t get mugged and make sure I get a postcard..peace homey

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