The East Coast Wrap up

*Thought I’d add a soundtrack to this wrap up*

So it’s been awhile since my last post, but to tell you the truth there haven’t been too much craziness.  I’ve been mostly taking it pretty relaxed getting ready for the huge excursion that’s about to happen.

Now the East Coast is a pretty chill laid back place. They have some great undisturbed beaches and more seafood then your body could handle. Also Halifax has the most bars per capita then any other place in all of North America. Amazing place downtown…buuuut I could only spend a night there.

Aside from the partying I was able to go sailing for the first time ever. And I took some good shots down the Halifax bay.

Weather has been kinda iffy over the past few days with lots of rain…hopefully that shit goes away for when I’m traveling cus I’ve got no rain gear.

And it’s finally happened. My glorious flowing locks of hair are now shaved off. Buuut no i’m not completely bald…common you sick fucks I wouldn’t go that far. I tried piecing together a video of it, but I couldn’t link it to the blog.

Here’s a link if you want to check it out urself

N i’m not gonna lie…I was a little nervous about the whole thing…but s’all good now.

So that’s the wrap up of the East Coast. I’ve now got bout 12 hours until my plane takes off to Portugal.

Now the real adventures sha’ll begin…stay tuned….


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