London, Lisbon and a dark alley

At the moment in time when this song was playing in my head these were the words…”the kid…is getting mugged tonight…woah…so mugged tonight…he may end up dead tomorrow…” But we´ll get to that in a second.

ol Big Ben

ol Big Ben

London, England…now at the time I thought to myself that I may not get the chance to walk through the streets of this powerhouse city…buuut I decided to lock my shit up and change some of my money to pounds…take a train to the heart and voila walking the streets of London.

Now holy fuck stick this is a busy place…there´s so many people and they´re all in a rush to go places. Not me I just took my time and took in the sights…next time i´m gonna head back and talk to a few more chicks…dang business type chicks.

tough taking pics by urself

tough taking pics by urself

So after walking around London snapping a few pics I had to catch my flight to Lisbon. But not before I get a bunch of free shots of, jagger, Soco and Jack Daniels at the airport…sweet jesus. Oh and guess what…on the flight to Lisbon I finally slept on a plane…this is the very first time so i´m pretty excited…only down part was that I didn´t get to eat the meal 😦
Now this was the beggining of the big trip…so first big step…leaving the airport. Do I take a 10 euro taxi or attempt it through the bus…I chose the cheeper bus…but ends up that even with a GPS I´m still poor with finding my way around.
So that´s when I get back to the Loverboy song and the change of words. Following my GPS I end up taking the wrong turn…n ya find myself in a darkened alley type place.
Picture this…a paley skined, buzzed head, read shirt wearing, big backpack kid walking down a darkened alley and just to my luck…ya walk by a group of tougher looking…uh…gentleman…whew…lucky on that one…but my hearts still beatin pretty fast…o lucky stars…I end up finding the place…smoking a bowl with a dude from L.A who tells me about a Tiesto concert coming up on this Island off of Spain.
Yup gonna try and check that shit out…well complete day one…lets see what else is in store.

One Response to “London, Lisbon and a dark alley”

  1. Andrew Gilliland Says:

    Haha dude you need to go to Ibiza

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