Its called Football not Soccer you idiot

Granada was a unique little city, but really its more for the artsy fartsy type then for the Lord like myself…honestly I thought there was gonna be some sweet parties in Granada and turns out they only get good till around 3 in the morning. Ya so me and this German dude are off wandering the streets, walking into huge night clubs, stealing two sixes of god knows what then getting the fuck outta there. I was laughing my ass off the whole time

That was Granada and I had enough…so now onwards my fellow friends to the wonderland they called Madrid…(horse neighs as I ride off into the sunset) Yes…well Madrid. Spains capital…um big ass place…not the funnest walking around at say midnight on a Friday…geez you`d think I`d learn something by this late nights walking the streets alone…maybe I like the rush. So the big plan was to watch a proffesional soccer game. N Sunday I did just that.

But before I endulge you toooo much into that, I have to let you know that Saturday was Madrid`s big festival. The whole city transforms its self into this all night type of party. I`ll break it down. From 9pm until 7am you wander the streets whilst drinking…mmm Don Simone Sangria…never again…and whilst drinking and drunk you try and stumble apon the locations you wish to see. Concerts, light shows, and tons of fucking people. Good Times.

All right now the Madrid game…so being the sport loser that I am I had to buy a jersey along with everyone else that went out with us that night…and for my first soccer game I was thouroughly impressed. 7 goals and a liter of beer and it was a fucking blast.

I was also able to attend a tour of the stadium, but that`s the lame part of the story…you wanna hear the juicy stuff like lets seee…how bout the crazy ass pub crawl that night.

Righto so the pub crawl gets started by 11 and already Im buzzed from the free sangria party that I attended before that. O n if you don`t know what Sangria is…google that shit up and find out…the good stuff is fucking delicious…Don Simone…SHIT.

Anywho you get a free shot at every bar…n Im saying o I`m not spending much…well fuck that…me and another Canadian…good ol fucking Simon, Frank the Tanked that shit cus once that heavenly liquid touched the lucious red lips I call my own…ya it was fucking party time. Here`s slightly some of the after math that followed…

For some strange reason in aaaaaaaaaaalll the pictures that were taken of me this night my mouth stays open…strange shit different day I guess. I also end up getting kicked out with a group of Aussies so that was pretty cool…don`t ask me what happend though because I don`t remember much of it at all.

I remember doing one stupid thing tho…n that was ditching the cute little Austrian chick…yes blonde pictured above…oh well…I met some other chick and we walked by this sweet ass Lamborghini on the stumble back to the hostel.

Madrid was manly just go…go…go so not too much time for just chilling out…which of course I like to do every time here and again. Im hoping Barcelona will be a little more relaxing with some great parties…buuut maybe Ill meet up with some crazy freaks and itl turn into a wash.


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