Glory Timez in Barcelona


Boooyah Grandma…holy swirling triple cocks flying from left field and penetrating…uh…I don’t really know where I was going with that, but damn its been a long time since my last post. N there has been a shit load of stuff in store. Right off the top… I’m giving you the break down…tons of walking and seeing the most fantastical aray of crazy architectural feats by this amazing dude called Gaudi, Barcelona’s biggest festival, which equals free Sam Roberts concert…watching a bull fight…n damn they kill 6 bulls. Finally crazy n I mean CRAZY parties(I went to one of the biggest night clubs in the world…ya 5 stories…get ur minds around that one)

Phew…(takes a breath)…Alrighty then lets get started…I just hope this French keyboard doesn’t kill me first.

Alrighty then… lets get this shit in gear…POW…first couple of days go quicker then fucking that tight assed, smoothed skinned, gorgeous eyes, spanish chick you’ve been eyeing up for hours and finally get a…but I digress.

Nothing too exciting just walked a shit load, snaped some sweet pics and partied hard. You know what…I was gonna write a shit load just to make up for lost time…since my last post was what….uh lets see…a week or so ago…Fuuuck…can’t leave my dedicated readers like that so I”ll just get too the good stuff.

First off let me just say…even if you’re not into partying, Barcelona has heaps of stuff you can do. If you ever choose to go (which I highly recommend)…you will never be bored…let me say that again…THERE IS NO BORDOM IN BARCELONA

Shit loads of people

Shit loads of people

 Now Spain is all about partying from around 3am till…um yaaa…8am. So its crazy timez galore…really I was only able to stay out until around 5 maybe 6 on a good night but still.

O and just to point out…on my last night in Barcelona I went to one of the worlds biggest night clubs…fucking 17 Euro cover…ya that raped me up the ass…but five stories of glory baby. The thing was like a mall…you’d get lost in there…which I did…actually almost lost my shirt too…weird.

Also at this club(called razzmatazz just in case ur interested) it was the first time I never spoke a word to a chick and was able to get some serious…hmmm how do I put this delicately…aaaaaccctionnnn. Marked that one in my journal…specially since most of you know Im all about talking…that was huuuuuge.

Anyway enough rambling…onwards to the concert.

Rocking out in Barcelona

Rocking out in Barcelona

Aside from the great set that the band put on, my favorite part didn’t have anything to do with the music. It had to do with when the band first came out. Picture this…I’m in a group of mostly Canadians and this one hard core Sam Roberts fan is pushed up as close to the fence as possible. Sam Roberts comes out…chugs a beer…then viciously hurls this glass object into the crowd…by some freak of a nature chance it finds this chicks fore head…ya the ensuing thing was a ghastly scream…followed by a huge red welt…me and another dude busting out laughing…and Sam Roberts saying…Oh shit…my bad. Ya Rockstars get away with everything. He did however make it up to her by bringing her onstage…and prolly following the concert a few sexy timez ensued…eh…just me thinking outloud.

Actually another unique thing about this concert was the fact that it started to rain. The rain at first really sucked, but after Sam Roberts busted out into another one of his great tunes…I looked up in the air…with the glistening drops of Spanish rain caressing my face and I thought…man…this couldn’t be any better.

I also made a quick little video on the walk back to the hostel depicting how wet we were and how much fun we had…take a look see.




Im onto my last day in Barcelona…Ive already stayed past the time that I thought, but so far its been more then enough fun filled events to feed starving children in Africa. Today was a bit more chilled out, but still not enough sun to go enjoy the beach…however I did get there once…and the chinese ladies are funny as hell. They go around asking if you want a massage, but they say massagieee, massagieee…hahaha priceless.

This is some sort of deformed Gaudi house

This is some sort of deformed Gaudi house

So last day in Spain and one of my ultimate goals was to see a bull fight…well looks like that won’t be happening…right?…Wrong Bitches…turns out I luck out and theres a bullfight on that night…well sign me up…I rush down there, beat off some stinky ass old scalpers and scrape together 22 euros for a ticket…and power to the PETA I got a ticket (its an animal activist group…just for you blondes out there :P)

I really have no idea what to expect at this thing…I knew that there’s some matadors, they wear tight’s and wave a red blanket around then kill the bull, that was basically it. Weeeeelll…turns out they do alot more then that. Its broken down like this….first four of the cape waving dudes step out and just piss the bull off by yelling at it, poking it and making it run around in circles…basically they’re the little shits of the thing. Next in steps the matador and these two guys on horses with big spears.

horse getting F-ed up

horse getting F-ed up

The funny thing with these guys on horses is the bull usually fucks them up. I was told by a local that a bull killed 13 horses one time. Ya…to bad for me no horses were harmed during the fight. So after the guys stab the bull in the back twice in steps my favorite part…Have you guys ever watched the movie Troy? Well if you have then do you remember the sweet part where Brad Pitt fights that huge dude. He just runs at him then jabs his sword into the dudes back and the guy dies…well its kinda the same thing here. These two dudes come out with these tiny ass spears…they get the bull to charge them…then…Boom…they jump outta the way and slam the spears into the bulls back.
After the three of those stabs in steps the man of the hour…the matador himself…N if I’m not mistaken matador stands for man of death or killer…so this dude toys with the bull for a bit then finishes it off with a stare down, then lowering the cape and plunging the sword deep into the spinal cord of the bull.
The thing was all pretty bloody and three people even fainted, but still I’ve complete an item on my things to do before I die…also in the next couple years I could see the sport being shut down…so if you’re ever keen…see one before they’re gone.
Bloody Bull

Bloody Bull

Now that was basically the bullfight…a couple hours to see six bulls get killed…not bad for a Sunday night I would say…after that it was…well…PARTY TIMEZ YO. So after numerous hours of gratuitous drinking it was off to the club…which I explained earlier so I won’t get into details here. Just a side note…since I got sooo drunk and arrived back at the hostel late…I ended up missing my train to Nice the next morning…hahaha ended up taking a 12 hour train ride to Nice instead of a 7 hour one…ahhhh lots of fun.


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