Nice is Nice buuut Monacos better

Ahh yes Tenacious D…turns out this will be the theme song for this leg of the journey, just because every morning when I’d wake up for breakfast it was playing.

The last time I left you our magnificent hero had just journied 12 hours from Barcelona to the south of France. This gallant gentleman arrived at the sunny south to a place called Nice. Unfortunately, the next morning wasn’t sunny at all…instead it was full of hatred(dark clouds and rain)buuut as a friend told me…n i quote…”Bitch quite complaining”…I won’t make a joke about the spelling…sheesh.

Finally the sun comes out

Finally the sun comes out

Nice is a pretty sweet place when the sun comes out…except when the sun goes down that’s a TOTALLY different story. They have some crazy clubs in Nice…was only able to visit one, but walked by numerous others to know how gigantic clubbing is in Nice. They were also holding a porn convention three days after I left…geeez eh…a French porn convention and I miss it. Almost get a chance to show my work…filming that is 😉

The big place to visit was Monaco…just fifteen minutes away from Nice it’s a perfect destination for a side trip. Unfortunately everyone else thinks so as well…so standing on the bus jammed full of people…ya pretty fun. The sun is blasting when we arrive. Everyone is looking at me for directions since I’m the only one who speaks French…After finding more people who speak english then French I finally find the destination of choice…The MONTE CARLO CASINO…

beautiful Monte Carlo

beautiful Monte Carlo


This place is massive…overlooks the water…and charges 10 euros….just to get through the doors…Fuck that…I decieded to drool over all the Ferraris that were parked outside…mmm Ferrari. Instead of the Monte Carlo the rest of us headed to another Casino close by…to play some…CRAPS…fun game even though I couldn’t spend much…really sweet rolling the dice and winning the guy next to you hundreds of dollars…for me hmmm lets see…how bout 5.

After the Casion we headed out to the beach…finally another great beach. (Just a side note, the beach in Nice is all rock…soooo not that fun to lie on) Next was taking a Ferrari around the Monte Carlo racing track…fuck was I ever pumped…buuuut we get there and the track is under construction….just my luck…I don’t get to drive a Ferrari…oh well maybe another time. Still I recommend to go visit Nice during the summer…or better yet when it´s close to the Cannes festival. Because Nice is just another 15 minutes away. Lastly…if you´re smart…reserch the south of France because there´s a really small little town that overlooks the ocean and is a picturesque spot…unfortunately I did neither of that. But I heard of people who did and loooooved it.


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