Dachau Concentration Camp

*****Since Im in a somber mood from writting the Vimy post, Im going to continue down that line and write this one…don´t worry the upbeat Oktoberfest one will come soon enough(I still have a day left)*****

The day is cold and wet…the train ride to the town of Dachau is quick…the walk from the train station to the consentration camp…very very long. I remember the stories of how those brought to this camp were forced by the Nazis to march double time from the train station to the camp…in whatever weather conditions.

Fortunately for myself Im able to take the bus. I would call myself knowledgeable in world war two history, therefore I thought I knew what to expect, but, driving up to the camp and looking at the huge walls surrounding the grounds and the iron gates where thousands walked through before me…it slaps you hard saying…this is reality.

Walking through the gate that reads Arbeit Macht Frei or in english Work equals freedom and standing on the huge open field where rollcall was taken everyday…its unreal to think that this was a place where thousands were held prisoner and thousands more died.

As I mentioned before…I THOUGHT I knew alot about world war two history, but I was blown away with some of the facts explained to me during my visit. Most are just sick and grotesque and I can see why schools wouldn´t cover it, but still it´s just mind blowing to think about the catastrophe´s that went on at this camp… and what happened at the hundred others.

Normally I don´t get shaken by death that easily, however after hearing a account after account of survivors descriptions of the camp, it was like a machine gun was being fired repeatidly at me.

Still that´s nothing…the hardest was walking into the crematorium/gas chamber. I stood in a place where hundred upon hundreds were brought through and murdered. I couldn´t stand more than 30 seconds in the gas chamber, and looking into the ovens where they ACTUALLY burned people…words cannot descibe it.

My feeling was a mix of disgust, confusion, anger, sorrow and thousands of others I can´t really put a name on. Walking out of the crematorium and back towards the entrance and barracks…I felt like a living zombie…like my soul had been grabbed by the throat and savagely shaken. If this is what culture shock feels like…then I felt it.

It´s unimaginable that something of this magnitude could have been done by the human race…I wonder how it´l feel when I go to the largest death camp during world war two.


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  1. this post is better than your previous ones lol.
    sounds like your really experiencing as much as you can

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