Chilling out in Copenhagen

Ahhhhh yes…smell that much needed relaxation time. Well my whole life is actually a relaxation…what I ment was…just time to chill out…not all this crazy sightseeing.

 While ridding on the train, Imagine by John Lennon brought majesty to my ears…I just knew…what a perfect song for such a perfect journey…the fields…the sun…the birds…the sky…Imagine.

Now to the story…

I was actually completely confused as to what I was going to do. Head to Poland, yes that sounds nice…ahhh but wait…costs 45 extra euros just to get inside…Fuck that…hmmm maybe stay a few more days in Berlin…naw…oh but hold on a second…here comes my savior…a wonderful little glowing angel goddess by the sweet mountain dew sparkling water name of Kristina. Also people were pumping the idea that Copenhagen/Denmark were a cool place to go…Awesome…pack my bags…literally jump on the train…and off to Copenhagen.

Bask in the glory

Bask in the glory

What a picturesque city…not that big, but damn…if you want to make money by selling postcard shots to the world…ya this is the fucking place to snap away my little snappers. You´ll see what I mean by a few that I´ll let you peruse during this post.

Coming to Copenhagen I had really no idea what to see or what to expect. I did look a few things up, but I was pretty sure I´d be able to figure things out when I got there. Especially since I had a world famous guide directing me around Copenhagen…unfortunately for me I caught her on the day she forgot to take her prozac…so it was a little ADD, but hey ADD can also stand for Awesome Day in Denmark. (N who said I was an oxymoron)

After wandering the streets…we arrive at free town…or as they actually call it…Christiania. Tons of hippies…weed…gardens…water…uh…dogs. Ya it was good shit…walking around gazing into the lake…just peaceful and serene. Of course since weed is sooo easy to get at this place you´d think I´d get some right….uh WRONG. Turns out since I don´t speak danish it´d be a good idea for me to get some…well I wander up to some big bald headed fuck and ask for some weed…he looks at me…calls over some big black dude…they start yabbering away…so ya…fuck this I don´t wanna be sedated.

well...look who it is

well...look who it is

You can see so much with very little In the city of Copenhagen. The parks and waterways are vast…the birds and sceanery a plenty. If you love kicking back…looking at beauty…in more ways then one 😉 Then this is a great place to visit, or live if you take some peoples case.

Turns out I didn´t do mainstream sight seeing, but from what I did see, I was thouroghly impressed. The only “main” sight seeing I took part in was a galant visit to Copenhagens Erotic Museum. This place is actually world famous for its indepth information from past to present in the sex world…can you say holy kamasutra? Because I know I can. Now for you sicko´s out there, this isn´t some perv sandwhich, this is an informative museum so you can learn about the history of sex, sex lives and…yes gaze at a plenty of nudes (even Madonna)

Best statue in the woooorld

Best statue in the woooorld

Oh and just a point of interest…Charlie Chaplin…was the fucking man…he could have sex 6 times with breaks of 5 minutes in between…ahhh…my new idol.

Aside from the eroticism…I completed something I never thought I´d do…I rode a bike to the bar…It was amazing…hahaha just a little shaky on the ride home…ahhh good times and it wouldn´t have happened without Kristina…so mad props to her…and to all the rest of you…geez get a home in Europe or something…sheesh.

I don´t even know if I´ll write up my next stop of the trip because its a bit graphic and…um how shall I put this…difficult to explain. All I did was make a stop in a place called Giessen to visit some chicks that I met in Portugal…the city its self…not that interesting, but good partying and the chicks were little cuties so big bonus. Even though I´m all about peoples privacy on this thing…I think I´ll just post up one pic for the ogglers out there.

Giessen Girls...oh n me

Giessen Girls...oh n me


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