Putting the V in Vienna

Righto, a good house mix to a good house style city. So after lazying around in Salzburg it was time to hit the streets running…or so I thought. Turns out my first day in Vienna is a total wash…literally. It was raining and complete shit….but no complaints here cus I met up with this awesome dude through couch surfing. He gave me a free place to stay, fed me, brought me to the sweet clubs and even showed me around the city. Nothing but good things on that part.

Basically the only crazy shit that happened to me on this eventful day was later that night…at the club (go figure right) Your ordinary club, but my first “real” Austrian experience and was I ever gonna bring the magic.

Gleeful house mix is playing in the background as me and my partner in crime roll up to the main floor…instantly a little girlie with pj pants catches my eye…I pull her in and say that I wouldn’t be allowed to wear pj’s to the club…cus I sleep in the nude…or something along those lines…anyway she loves it and I get bored with her irrelivant questions…carry on…carry on.

The big shocker comes when I meet this english speaking chick from some small ass island in the middle of nowhere. She explains it as the most exotic person I’d ever meet…hahaha I’ll be the judge of that little lady.

Turns out…yes she was.

Super cool chick…actually a small time DJ…talk about the randomest stuff…makeout…heavy petting…blah blah blah…fast forward to the part where I get cockblocked soooo hard. Not by the friend…not by some drunk dudes, not by the bouncers…but get this…the ugly ass bathroom lady…ya…WTF MATE. Turns out…the club doesn’t think to fondly of people trying to fornicate in the bathrooms…awww cummon lady…its my birthday…:P

Anyways…that was that.

Next day the guy Im staying with shows me around the city of Vienna. We see Vienna’s castle

Glory hill.

and the worlds oldest still standing ferriswheel.

I pretty much went around the entire city in an afternoon. The metro system is extremely easy, not as nice as Barcelonas, but almost as easy.

That night I’m brought to one of the most unique clubs I’ve ever set foot inside…a three story party boat. Booyah.

This place is jammed with peeps, they’re playing Austria’s favorite…house, some techno, and then on the bottom floor…electro. Party timez supreme. Funniest story of the night was when the guy I was with told these two Austrain chicks I was from Canada and ZIP…they both turn towards me and its on like King Kong.

Fucking blast…we take vogue pictures, james bond pictures, and even mad looking pictures. I do my usual thing of talking nonsense, jibberish and what have nots…basically just a good time with this group of chicks. They even invited me to play hockey…unfortunately it was the next day when I was leaving for Venice…sooo ya couldn’t do it.

James Bond baby

James Bond baby

Oh just a side note for all you classical buffs out there. If you’re not aware, the headquarters of the United Nations is in Vienna. Unfortunately, yours truly was dumb enough to miss the entrance time…I tried to persuade the security to let me in and take a few photos, but to no avail…guess the Canada thing doesn’t really work on them. Therefore this is the closest picture that I was able to take.

One thing I really enjoyed about Vienna was the enormous buildings hovering over the water. The sun slowly descending in the sky, reflecting against the glass, shooting into the eyes, running back through the cornea to your brain where its realized into a picture. Magnificient.

Oh another cool place that I ended up visiting on my last stint in Vienna was the criminal museum. All about the history of crime in Vienna. They had some really interesting stuff and some really creepy and distrubing items. One example…a mumified head that was chopped off during the 17th century. For some obsurd reason I just couldn’t look away from the thing, but at the same time it kept making me feel more creeped out. I also kept thinking something was going to jump out and grab me(damn I guess the creepy show in Berlin had an effect on me)

Lastly, Vienna was a much more youthful city then that of Salzburg. The people are very friendly they love to party and their house music. Plus the city has great scenery. I had fun, would like to go back and see a few more things, and try some more of that Austrain style chocolate cake.


4 Responses to “Putting the V in Vienna”

  1. heman sounds pretty cool wheres more pics of the trip?

  2. dog YOU ATE DOG

  3. I hope you stole/legally purchased that fucking sweet helmet you’re wearing in your little sidecar photo.

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