Well when in Rome…Yes…Do go on…

The centre of the world during the empirial ages…the conqueres…the destructors…the ROMANS.

You cannot possibly visit Italy and not see Rome. There is just no feasible way around it. One of the cities that started it all. You have the history, the actual sites, the views, the party…yes everything all balled up into a nice little package.

Well then…let’s begin. My first full day is jammed packed with sights I want to see, so after my delicious little free breakfast, my first stop is the house of Monsters. Yes it’s a house about monsters, that even looks like a monster. Call me a nerd or whatever, but monsters are the shit yo. Buuuuut turns out the place is under construction…great…just my luck.

However, on a positive note, I was able to get a great view of Rome, and walk the Spanish steps. (Just between you and me…they don’t look that Spanish)

Ya...Im on the spanish steps

Ya...Im on the spanish steps

Sooo after my little excursion, time to hit up the mainstream sights of Old Rome. The day was perfectly sunny and was it ever fitting, walking these ancient grounds, picturing what life would’ve been like, back during the Roman Empirial ages.

The infrastructure is like none other. The intricate blocks, the pillars made of marbel, the gates, the enormous doorways. Unbelievable, how the Romans were able to do this…and all without power tools or cement. (Yes I know they had thousands of slaves, but still…ropes and pulley systems…cummon dude)

Aside from the first number of sites I visited the best part was on my way to the Colloseum. During the day there was an enromous pollitical ralley, however, at the time when thousands of people were filling the streets, I had no idea. Therefore, I used my proffesional journalistic skills and found the answer…have a look for yourself.

After that little shin dig, it was off to the most amazing building I have ever laid my eyes upon. The colloseum. This astonishing building is hundreds of years old. It used to be covered with all marble, until the Catholic Crusades during the middle ages, where they stole all the marble and made the Basilica of St. Peter.

Animals used for the fights were stored under the enormous wodden floor, covered with pounds of sand, and then brought out through trap doors, to surprise the fighters. Next, the Colloseum at one time had a retractable roof…good bye skydome. This place is plain and simple…PIMP.

Sheesh…there’s soo much history, blood, guts and glory with this place that I had to take an enormous ammount of photos.

I even asked how I could become a tour guide there. Unfortunately for me, the english speaking/understanding guy, had already left for the day. Oh well, maybe my next time through.

Even after exiting the Colloseum, and gazing apon the ruins of what used to be a prospering city…I couldn’t help but think to myself…I can’t believe I’m in fucking Rome.

The best part of visiting the Colloseum was, later that night, everyone who had seen it wanted to watch Gladiator. And guess what? The hostel even had it…so with our free pasta dinner and my cheap wine, we slapped in that bad boy and watched the shit outta it. Good times.

Ahhh…sights during the day and parties at night…that’s what Rome is supposed to be about. Well I needed to get my fix of clubbing as it had been some time since I got a hit. Therefore I looked at pub crawls…fucking shit…waaay too expensive…alrighty…cheap wine…some local bars…I’m fucking set. Turns out after about two litres of wine…ya I can’t walk to well…so with the group from the hostel I went on quite the adventure of navigating the streets, but that was only the first night.

The next night the chill American dudes that I was hanging with, knew of some chicks who were going to school in Rome and knew of a good bar to go to. We meet up with them after a little confusion and decide to “head on a bus” The best part was…the chicks didn’t know which bus to take. So as it turns out…we all hop on some bus…going to…where ever the fuck it took us…the projects of Rome I’m thinking, and then back again. Ya a good two hours on a bus packed with sausage…mmm…now that’s a good night out in Rome. Funniest part however, was this chick and dude who were leading the charge, decided to ditch halfway through…hahaha…thanks you fuckers.

Side note: The place we needed to go…was…hmmm…lets see…aprox fifteen minutes walking distance…ya thanks for telling us…Ahhh god…dumb blondes…gotta love em…but don’t trust em for directions.

Fun timez on the bus

Fun timez on the bus

Well then…enough ranting…back to the glory and prosper of Rome…or what it used to be.

Now the great and outstanding site of the Sistene Chapel and St. Peters Basilica.

Turns out that every last Sunday of each month the Sistene Chapel and museum are free to the public…awesome…I had no idea until I arrived…fucking good timing I would say.

The best part…that most people didn’t even know about…the Pope was giving a speech at noon…and guess what mother bitches…I WAS FUCKING THERE. Ya dude…I saw the dude all in white…giving his little speech and waving his hands…ya the fucking POPE. Suck on that Charlie Seen.

Hello little Pope

Hello little Pope


Buuut as you can see from the photos…that’s as close as I could manage…it was fucking mayhem in the square.

After the Popes little speal, it was line waiting time. A good two hours or so…and supposevely for the Sistene Chapel, buuuut if you’ve followed my journey enough…you have a good idea, that stuff turns out to not be what it seems. The line, bring us into this enormous building…covered with marble, gold and graves of all the previous Popes. Therefore, it was the line for the St. Peter Basilica.

Look at that line

Look at that line

Not a bad thing, because the place was enormous in what you could see, but still not the Sistene Chapel. Turns out once we exit the Basilica…ya the chapel is…CLOSED. Oh well…I got to see the Pope, the Basilica…and of course…the silly looking Swiss Guards.

Sheesh how could anyone take them seriously. Well they are trained to kill…guess its like that.

That night it was also brought to my attention numerous other sites I had missed…well gives me yet another reason to return to Rome.

So, last night in Rome. More cheap wine, but this time…seeing the city at night. I don’t know what it is with the night, but it just makes all the sites that much cooler.

First stop…the Pathenon.

See an NFL game in a pub…Steelers/Giants…almost get into a fight with some stupid Steelers fans…sheesh I’m not even a Giants fan…then off to the Colloseum. Beautiful during the day…even more stunning at night.

Oh and just a side note…that night I pissed on my fifth main attraction throghout Europe…pretty funny story on how I started doing this…but lets save that for another time.

Finally…walking back to the hostel, I gazed apon the city of former Champions, leaders, saviors and hero’s. My last gaze of the Colloseum…I will always remember. But don’t worry…I promise I’ll be back.


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