Great Greeks

Before I devle too far into Greece, let me first point out an interesting adventure that arose on my way to that magnificient place.

First off, I got stopped on the train to the Roman airport, and demanded to pay 60 euros…uhhh buddy…I’ve got a Eurail pass. The train dude keeps saying it’s not valid on these types of trains (its a regional train so of course it is) Again we go about arguing, and him demanding me pay the 60 euros. Finally he just asks for my passport…hahaha fuck that…I ain’t giving you my passport. We argue some more…and at this point everyone in the train car is looking at us. Eventually I remember what a travelling buddy told me. “Just hand over your drivers license, they write that shit down, then nothing happens” So I do just that…the dude writes down the numbers and…pooof…problem solved. Especially if they do end up sending me a bill…I’ll just fucking rip it up…what are those little train bitches going to do?

Righto…next part makes my day even better.

While waiting for my plane at the airport…I start getting itchy on my arms. I look down and see my left arm spotted with little red marks…hmmm…I think. Must be mosquito bites. Hahahaha…when I arrive in Athens…ya almost my whole arm is covered…and these things are itchy as fuck. I ask around…and turns out…I GOT FUCKING BED BUG BITES :O


mmm lovely bed bug bites

mmm lovely bed bug bites

Fun shit…NAWT…well just add’s to my wonderful travelling adventure I guess. Here’s the winning speech…Come one come all…Italy…the best country you’ll visit, but make sure you don’t leave here without a special dose…OF BED BUGS.

ahhh fuuuuuuuuck.

(Puts on smiling face)


Alright…now onto Athens.


The centre of the world for over 800 years, this place has changed a shitload. By far the smoggiest city in Europe I’ve visited, but still it has this overall appeal.

I mean, what other place created the Olympics. Has some of the most recognizable buildings still standing, and…well…actually…that’s all I can think of at the moment. Anywho…I was still impressed by this city. I didn’t get that…overall…whoosh of excitement like I did in Rome when ever I saw ruins…or as me and some others liked to call…RARS(Random Ass Roman Shit) or in Greece RAGS (Random Ass Greeque Shit), but they’re still something for the eyes to see. Also walking amidst the RAGS you can kinda lose yourself in daydreaming…or…maybe that’s just me.


For sightseeing, luck seemed to play a large role for me. In Rome, got to see the Pope, here in Athens…got too see all the archeological sites for free. That’s perfect for my budget. So I scampered up to the Acropolis, fought off the hords of tourists and just looked. This was the first ever “real” city of its time. Towering over the city of Athens below, this massive slot of land, would have been a marvel to live in, thousands of year ago.


Unfortunately for the Greeks, due to all the pollution, the beautiful marble is slowly getting destroyed by the acid rain. Therefore all the scafulting in and around the Acropolis will stay there for iternity, just to clean and maintain the damn thing.

Aside from the Acropolis, I visited Zeuses Temple, mostly only pillars now.


The original Olympic oval…even though it was recently renovated for the 2004 summer games…it’s all authentic Greek marble.img_1171

And the only almost perfectly intact Greek building in the world.


One of the funniest experiences of the day, was watching the changing of the guards, down by the Presidents Palace. It was boilling hot out, and these guards are covered in the hottest gear imaginable. Also they have to stand perfectly still for an hour, until they change. Come changing time, the guards do this funny ass dance and they saunter off down the street. Do people make fun of them? Yesss, but hey…it’s part of their history, and boy does it draw a crowd of people.

haha...look skirts

haha...look skirts

Unfortunately, due to the Greek holliday, I wasn’t able to visit the grand Archeological museum. Oh well, there’s always next time I suppose. Basically, I didn’t find Athens all that spectacular. Yes the RAGS are pretty cool, but somehow lack that empirialism compared to the ones in Rome. All in all you could definitely see all you needed to see in Athens, in about two days. Still, that’d be all you want to stay there…just because of the Islands.

Mykonos from air

Mykonos from air

Yes the world renouned Greek Islands. I wasn’t ending my trip of Europe without having visited atleast one of these beauties. Still, it took me some time to decide which one I should choose. I really wanted to go to Corfu, but found it would be too difficult in the time I had alloted, soooo I asked around to some friends…and decided on Mykonos….or Mikonos or whatever way you want to spell it…anyway I went there.

One it was cheaper then all the rest…and two…only took 5 hours.

I met some fellow Canadians along the ferry ride, and ended up chilling with them for the next couple of days. As the three of us perused the beaches…I couldn’t believe how bare the place was. Not a soul in sight. Then entire city was basically dead, except for shop owners and the occasional local.

nothing but sand to keep you company

nothing but sand to keep you company

The good part was, all shopping was extremely cheap, same with accomodation. Bad part was, there was no partying to be had. The one night we tried…hmmm a good…lets say…four other people aside from us. Buuuut…we did find a bar called…club Ramrod…ya turns out Mikonos is a big gay island…who would’ve thought.


Can I get a liter of cola

Can I get a liter of cola


The solitude of the beach and the cheap accomodation, food and shopping. MMM…MMM…MMM Gyros in Greece are amazing. Had one everyday. They only cost 2 euros and damn do these things fill you up. If you ever go to Greece, gotta eat one of these bad boys.

 Also, if you’re interested in nude beaches…ya this place has em all. Also the real famous ones.

Just for all you curious seekers out there…yes I did partake in the joyeous nudity extravaganza…even though there was like…only five other people on the beach. Still…was the experience ever exhilerating…I won’t go into too much detail, but for some reason…I felt way more relaxed and free…whilst all bare…hahaha…don’t forget to put sunscreen on the areas that don’t get too much sun 😉


So I did pick Mykonos specifically for the parties…especially since one of my favorite days of all time was quickly approaching…n that day…was none other then Halloween. Those of you that know me personally, have the keen sense that I love to dress up…be it Halloween, or just a good ol Slow pitch game…I come dressed for success bitches.

This year wouldn’t be different…well…I guess in a sense it would be.

The Europeans don’t celebrate Halloween, especially the Greeks. This I couldn’t have…so I reached deep inside and brought out my caring card…my idea…bring the Halloween spirit to the Greeks. I tried filming my whole next exursion, buuut unfortunately for you…it didn’t turn out soo hot. Too dark and you only heard me talking…you didn’t see the peoples faces or reactions.

So here it goes…I went to a corner store…bought a bunch of cheap candy…put on my mask from Venice and walked around the streets of Mykonos, wishing people Happy Halloween and yelling trick or treat as I handed out the candy. The people looked stunned…a few people even stopped eating just to stare at me handing them candy. A few small children cried, a few others ran…I even had a guy throw the candy back at me. Buuuut I managed to hand it all out, and escape from the situation unscathed, and laughing my ass off. I’m not gonna lie…my mask might have been a little too creepy for the people to understand what I was doing…but still…that makes it sooo much better.


Lastly…I couldn’t believe I was actually sun tanning on October 31st and November 1st. Too me that thought would’ve never crossed my mind back home.

What a great wrap-up to a glorious trip. Europe was amazing and really only gave me a small taste of the majesty of travelling. Following this post I’ll have another one, depicting my five top places, and must see’s of Europe…just incase you ever…want to come and actually…LIVE THE DREAM.


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  1. Herman you probably felt right at home at club ramrod haha

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