Europe Musts

So if any of you out there are planning a trip to Europe(which I highly recommend) these are a few places, that I enjoyed…so I’m pretty sure, you’ll enjoy them too. I ranked the cities out of these categories: Things to do(sight seeing) Nightlife(pretty straight forward), Budget(cheapest areas) and Overall appeal(extra tidbits/easy to navigate/not stressed)




I had to split these two because they were sooo very close for me. Venice doesn’t really have much for sightseeing, but just walking the canals/streets and seeing what you can see was enough for me. Its super relaxed. The food is outstanding, best gelato and pizza I tasted in Italy. However you do have to work to find it cheap. Cafe’s are really cool, and you can basically see new shit everyday…as you end up getting lost a shit load. But if you’re someone who just likes to see tons of sights and not much of a chilled out person/don’t like classical shit, then Venice would absolutely suck for you. (Also no night clubs)


As for Madrid, well…its reasonably priced, there is sooo many historic sites to visit and see and the nightlife is awesome. Unfortunately, the reason this place didn’t get much higher is. Getting around the city can be a little more of a challenge. Yes the metro works alright, but it closes very early, and if you’re out of the downtown location…tough to get back. Secondly, the sites don’t last too long with my interest. When I saw them…well I saw them…not overall that thrilling. Buuuut still interesting enough to visit…maybe see a bullfight and great food. Just get away from the downtown touristy area or you’ll be ripped off.



This small beach town is jammed with people ready to party, get sun and do the water sports. Cheap drinks, cheap accomodation and sooo close to the beach that you can smell it, this place is a must on many peoples lists. However, the only draw back is, it can become a little, same…same. I had a blast at the beach here, Luz and Sagres, which are all super close to Lagos. As for the partying at night…its packed, and every bar is closer then a 3 minute walk



Shopping is cheap, partying is basically created here and the sights are unique in themselves. Coming here I thought Gaudi was a load of shit, but actually seeing these artworks…fucking amazing. The Sangrada Familia, Park Guelle and any other Gaudi works will blow you away with the intricacies and randomness. Most partying starts late…so head out around 1am, and you’ll still be able to find the dudes handing out flyers to get into the club for free.  You can stay out until 8am or 10…depending on the venue. Also…great beach, but watch your bags and pockets everywhere. They don’t call this place pick pocket paradise for nothing.



Even though I was only able to spend three days here, not get to any big clubs and get bitten by bed bugs(still I think it was worse in Florence) this city is everything you need to keep busy. The history is pouring out of every orafice. The sights just bleed interest and the pasta is second to none. For jamming as much as I could in three days, you could extend that to a week. If hard core sightseeing isn’t your fancy, they have many glorious parks and interesting walk ways to keep you entertained. Now for nightlife…wine is fucking cheap…so strap you boots on and you can get drunk very cheaply. If you don’t want the big clubs, you can always party on the streets…which is an experience to be had on its own. As for clubs…I didn’t get to any…had fun at the bars, but felt the pub crawl to be the most expensive out of any other city. Be wary females, as the Italian guys are ruthless in picking up…talk about not giving a fuck…these guys live it. Still I hear the parties are plenty in Rome.



This is by far my most outstandingly favorite city and place in all of Europe. Talk to almost anybody and they’ll agree. Not only do you have a vast amount of history (two world wars surrounding the area) but also the rise and fall of the Berlin wall. This city has risen from the ashes and fallen back down, then risen once again. A powerhouse when it comes to places to see, chill out and have fun. Berlin basically captures all of European partying. You have some of the worlds most famous clubs, plus hotties galore. Basically you will never be shy on things to do. I was there for six days and still haven’t seen everything, or been to every club. I can’t rave enough about the place. Also…for such a big city…this place won’t hurt your budget…average daily cost: 40 euro including room, three meals and drinking. Mark it in your books and go.

Favorite countries: Listed from best to worst(even tho the worst isn’t all that bad). I ranked these by the amount of sweet places the visit/what can be achieved in the country, easy of travel and entertainment value.

Germany: Every single province in this country has its own unique feel. Bavaria has the great beer/sausages, plus gorgeous girls. The upper area has the modernization of Berlin and the ease to get to any other country, and the East and West sides of Germany are super vast in comparison. Soooo much to see…sooo little time. (Just I hear Frankfurt is shit…too many business chodes) Best season to go…Fall. Oktoberfest, then tourists drain out of the country and its absolutely gorgeous. Not too cold, but expect some rain. Loved Bavaria during the fall.


When you have Venice and Rome in the same country, then you really can’t compare it too much else. The food, the culture, the history…absolutely majesty. Just watch out for the fucked up guys. Plus the chicks here aren’t as hot as you may think. Easy to get around, but the most expensive of all the other countries. Can be rough around the south, but fun in the middle to north. Expensive for everything.



The cheapest place in Europe you’ll ever go.(sorry, Western Europe) If I went grocery shopping I could pay under 5 euros for a loaf of bread, meat, a 1.5litre bottle of water, cheese spread, and some desert thingy. Ya not expensive at all. Food is pretty tasty as well. Most people can speak english so easy to deal with and they have a easy to understand trasportation system. Still a little pricier then Germany. Fun in the sun, but Lisbon can drag after too many days. Sintra is a must if you go.

Spain: Sevilla, Madrid and Barcelona. Kick ass places to go. Sevilla for the hottest chicks I’ve seen in all of Europe, Madrid for the history and Barcelona…well I explained earlier. Still Spain has some of the most entertaining places to offer. I never did go to Ibiza, or San Sabastien or Valentia, but I hear all of them are a blast of a time. Transportation is pretty expensive  as they have hidden fee’s into everything, plus you can’t sneak onto the metro like you can in Portugal or Germany. Average meal and accomodation cost pretty expensive the more touristy you get.

France: Living here for three months and then coming back to see other sites, I still love the country. Maybe because I can speak the language and its very easy to get around/people are more friendly in small towns, but for anycase very historic and trendy. Chicks are hot/know how to fucking dress and guys are usually pushovers if you stand your ground. Anyway, cool sites, cote Azur is kickass and I loved Versailles and Vimy Ridge. If you go for the first time, Paris is a must, but venture outside in a few other districts…pretty cool surrounding cities. Paris…expensive as hell, small surounding districts…much more affordable. Travelling is easy, and average price. TGV is a little pricier then most…but its the fastest trains in all of Europe. Late…alot.



Tons of Culture, great food…decently priced…super easy and cheap as hell to get around. Vienna is a must, but there are all these tiny little towns that have tons of cool shit to offer. Check them out, and you won’t be dissapointed. Pretty chilled out country too, not too rushed, again lords of cute girls, great parties…expensive drinks, except the beer is cheap. Chocolate very tasty, and I guess that would basically be it, off the top of my head.

Denmark: Only did Copenhagen, but was the most picturesque city. Some of my best pictures, taken here. If you plan it right, there can be tons to see here, as I’ve talked to others who have ventured, but also the entire country has lords to offer. People are a bit shy, so you need to break through that, but generally very helpful. SUPER EXPENSIVE. You need to really scower to find things cheap. Easy and cheap to get around tho…sometimes, you don’t even need a ticket. Gets cold early, but if you go at the right times…amazing.img_0694

Greece: Yes I chose to go at the Islands at the wrong time for parties, but to chill out and be in solitude…perfect. Athens, didn’t impress me too much, but I was still entertained. It could be entirely completed within two days. Plus its very dirty for European standards.I only visited one island, but the other islands I talked to people about are still worthy of many adventures. This may be my least favorite country out of the whole, but the reason is…I didn’t spend enough time to really get a feel for the place, and two…wrong season.


All in all, if I was to do it again, I wouldn’t buy a Eurail pass for two months. I felt it was more of a rip off then its worth. There are numerous cheap continental European flights that would do just fine. Also if you find out which trains check passes…you can hop on for free(but you didn’t get that tip from me 😉 Just make sure you plan out enough time to do the things you really want to do. Well…(gets up…dusts off hands) better be hitting the ol’ dusty trail…n that my friends…is a wrap of Europe.


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