Power Outages and special numbers

*NOTE: I’ve just come back to this after 3 weeks or what not, decided I couldn’t come up with anything else to add, so you get the raw, un-tiltered version of a 3 week old story. Nothing added, a few words changed, but all in all…its like all the rest… genital warts and all. (supposevely I’ve been getting add-ons that talk about genital warts…hahaha)*

Well shit me, I just checked up how many posts I’ve currently completed and the magical number that popped up on the screen was….wait for it *drum roll silently heard in the background* FIFTY…yeah(sarcastically) We need some streamers, and balloons aaaand…pfff. Yeah fuck that.

Still I do like balloons, especially when you rub your hands hard against the sides of them and make that shrill ear piercing screeching sound. Like a mix of torturing kittens and that screaming chick off all those lame horror movies.

Aaaaaanyway. I digress, here’s my tale…

Those of you who remember, I missed my first bus last week. If you don’t remember or you missed it, check this out (click here bitch) Soooo, when I showed up to sign in this second time, the bus driver had a nice chuckle at my expense.
Driver: Hey…weren’t you the guy who was supposed to show up yesterday?
Me: Uh…yeah…about that
Driver: Hahahaha what’d ya do to forget
Me: (with a look that the devil would squirm from)I was so shitfaced I couldn’t find my asshole
Driver:….oh…uh…big night out hey…(awkward laugh)…um…glad to have you aboard

With this gallant drive, it was off to enjoy some beautiful ice fields in a place called Franz Josef. Uuuuuunfortunately, there was no enjoying to be had. Unless you call superior cloud coverage and a bounty of plundering rain…beautiful.


One positive was meeting a German brunette hottie…by the name of Sabrina. (Insert lame magic joke here) She was doing some type of bike trip around the south island, but the rain was somewhat slowing her progress. Basically I made fun of her bike, said something that I liked about Germany and then didn’t talk to her the rest of the trip.

For some strange reason…she found this mildly arousing. I found her nicely toned legs and ass…normally arousing 😉

The rain didn’t subside for the entire journey, or when we finally arrived at the destination. I spoke to the magical mistress a little here and there, but then found the second Lord of the Rings movie much more entertaining. Then…ZAP…CRACKLE…POP…no it wasn’t the rice crispy fuckers…that was my attempt at explaining a power outage. Yeah…everything went black.

Of course you’d think that in our current age of technology, it would take 20 maybe 30 minutes to get that shit back up and running…hahaha…fuck that…let’s try um….9 hours later.


Funny thing was…it brought things back to the good ol days without that gosh darn electricity. I was able to get to know everyone in the hostel…which doesn’t usually happen and played all these worldly games that only people with nothing better to do would play. Here we were a group of…um…say 30ish all huddled around candles the fire place and cute german girls…oh wait…that was only if you had them…he he he.

The night progressed and people started filling out, while I continued to cherish the german girl into the night. Her muscular legs and firm ass definitely were a joy for the finger puppets whilst, she was also a cool chick to talk to. I decided that things needed to be amped up, so I pulled her away from the group into a more “seductive” location…ahhh yes…the bathroom. What’s more sensual and sexual than a dark bathroom being only lit by the glow of my cellphone? Can’t think of anything better could ya…what’s that? Candle lit jacuzzi?…hmmm…well, alright…you’ve got me there, but it was the best I could manage at the time okay…geeez, everyone’s a fucking critic.

Anyway…being such the AMAZING location it was no wonder that after some heavy petting it was the ol logical female brain kicking into action and not allowing this fit german girl to follow her emotions…or allow me to follow mine in a couple of times. And just like that, it was back to the rain covered skies.


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