Bitching Fiji

In Auckland I met this Czech chick, who was sharing the same room. We got talking and for some reason, she was taking the exact same flight, to the exact same place…hmmm.

Well this is Fiji.

It was actually pretty sweet that I was able to meet up with this Czech chick in Fiji. For one, she had an authentic Fijian place to stay in a small village also a hook up for trip planning. Two nights free and me not having to plan anything…Rock on.


Getting around Fiji, was one of the coolest things too. You could always do the touristy way, but fuck, who wants to do that shit? I’d rather be the only white person on the bus…so I took the local bus. Yes it was cramped, pretty hot, smelled like BO and SWASS, but fuck it…I’m in FIJI BULAH

(oh yeah the Fijian’s say BULAH all the time)


So of course, since I’m traveling with this blonde Czech chick, who has some pretty massive finger balancers, I’m gonna try something right. Geeez, well it only seems right, especially since the chick asked me to travel along with her.

Thing was, once I started making advances and trying to swing the good ol convo towards that elusive topic of……………sex. Well…she wasn’t much of a talker. I tried a few other things, but nothing seemed to work. She just kept acting weird and not keeping any of the convo’s going…so I had enough and stopped.

Everyday that passed I started realizing this chick was quite a bore to talk to. Finally, when we are about to jet out to some of the islands I met some Germans. Two guys and two girls. Boooyah…new people to talk to, oh and that brunette chick…mmmmmmm hottie.


So once this new group rolled up, I ditched the czech chick and partied with the Germans. And damn, this island was sweet. One of the highlights of my entire trip. Out in the middle of the ocean. 30 minute boat ride from the main land and takes only 15 minutes to walk around the entire thing. Golden sand beaches, enormous palm trees and right on a reef. What more could you want.


Oh right…they didn’t have a bar…shiiiiiiiiiiit. BEEEEEER RUUUUUN.

Alright, after getting the beer, sitting around a fire and chatting with this stunner of a brunette, I was loving life.

The next thing that added to my uber amusement of this place was the diving. Fiji is one of the top ten places in the world to dive and I was going to enjoy the shit out of this place.

Like I’ve said before, diving is like taking pure heroin…oh…uh…actually I’ve never said that, but seriously…diving is like a really really really good drug.


Aaaaaaanyway, after all that this island had to offer, it was only a matter of time until it was time to leave. Again, I didn’t get to partake in that very slick and sandy experience of good ol sex on the beach…but whatevs. I did notice one thing. Earlier there was always something that I found “strange” about the Czech chick. It wasn’t until I was around the Germans that it finally clicked. She’s a huge dork. Like nerd and shit. Weird…a nerdy chick who’s pretty good looking…who would have thought.

I didn’t realize it because it was always her and me, but shit once we were in the big group, I got to see all the dorky shit she did and awkward things she said. Interesting…but fuck it I wasn’t going to see this people ever again, so I made the most of it.


Straight from the island I headed with the good ol public transport all the way back to Nadi. During this excrutiating 5 hour trip, I was dying of a crazy ass fever. I’m thinking I got a case of the swine flu, but asking around I found that Fiji was one of the few countries that didn’t have the flu’s development. Phew, thank god, I was thinking I would start oinking and shit, but luckily I didn’t.


As for the country of Fiji. Awesome. One of my top ten places of visiting during my trip. Best part was the cheapness, the people and all the fucking islands. Oh and the diving high was sweet as well. Should you go, yes you should.

Now, direct from Fiji, to the land of golden opportunities…the L of A in the U S of A. My last leg of the trip…Stay tuned.



2 Responses to “Bitching Fiji”

  1. cool pics…hope you didn’t get them from google šŸ˜‰


    P.S.: after the exams (in a bit over a week) I’ll finally be able to email you back šŸ™‚

  2. I probably asked you already but you know how my memory works (it doesn’t). How the fuck did u afford such a long trip?

    ps I think I got swiney. It was shit.

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