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My Day of SIN

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Geeeez…taking me long enough to finally get around to this shit. Well enough of me trying to make excuses for why it takes so long. Here’s the FINAL…LAST EPISODE OF TRAVELS…(please cue dramatic music….NOW)

My original plan of the trip was to spend a few days in the city of Sin…maybe win a little black jack, explore some of the greatest nightlife around and have a good time. Unfortunately with the money dwindling, and the thoughts of having a blast with a huge group, I decided to shuffle the plans and just spend one day.


You’d think having traveled to some far out reaches of the planet, experiencing sweltering heats of un-pronounced proportions that I’d be a little aware of what to wear. Unfortunately I took one look outside the Las Vegas airport, saw it was cloudy and assumed it was cool. So I brought a sweatshirt…hmmm…desert, usually hot all year round…yeah…not a good idea.

As I’m sweating my balls off walking down the streets of Vegas, I’m baraged by numerous hooker fliers, free VIP entrances and…a discount ticket to Circus Circus…hey…isn’t Circus Circus discount enough?

Probably one of the coolest places I entered was the M&M museum/store. It had huuuuuge amounts of M&M’s. All different colours shapes, styles. You name it they had it…well sorry…no crack M&M’s.


Having just finished reading the book “bringing down the house” which was based on the film 21 I thought…you know what, I’m gonna try my luck with some good ol fashion black jack. Also with my newly read skills…I’m sure to make a shit load of cash riiight? WRONG. I ended up loosing 40 bucks….fuck you casino.


After loosing my money at the bellagio, I made my way to watch the sweet water fountain show thingy. Unfortunately I only got to see a good 40 seconds before it was over…so yeah…no pictures.

With my time in Vegas dwindling…I made the best of it…chatting with a few, catching the eyes of others and basically just basking in the sheer glory of the place. Damn…I need to come back and have a shit show time here.


As I made my way back to the hotel, hoping on a free MGM airport shuttle, I couldn’t believe that in just a few hours I’d finally be home. Just like that, like a snap of the fingers pooof 10 months is gone. Back to the real world bitches and with that…real world problems…situations and whatever people do in the real world.


Writting this, I’m already thinking of my next journey on where I want to go, what I want to see and do. Fuck, traveling is just the best shit ever. But remember…don’t travel too long, because traveling is like chewing gum. You chew too long and it looses its taste, but if you throw it out at the right time…mmm mmm mmm bitches, ur good to go.

To everyone I met, the people who read this and anyone that is just an awesome person out there…keep on keeping on.

Oh and ps…don’t think this is the last of me writing. I’m still going to be putting up random rants, extremenious stories, sweet parties and unbenounced awesomeness. Stay tuned…I’m also thinking of turning this into my own website… Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Home to good ol CALGARY

Home to good ol CALGARY